Healthcare & Senior Living Architecture

Hutchinson Clinic Lobby

About the Project

Hutchinson Clinic needed to modernize and update its lobby space to be a more efficient space for staff workflow and patient movement. It would also make it easier for patients to know where to go. Upon entering the facility, patients are now greeted with a reception desk adjacent to the first-floor lobby area as well as elevators and stairs to the second-floor lobby. The two-story volume is filled with distinctive cylinder lights overhanging the desk.

Adjacent to the reception desk and past the stairwell and elevator bay is the first-floor lobby. Once a massive room of chairs with separate check-in desks, the new first-floor lobby has separate waiting areas for different practices surrounding a circular arrival desk with staff prepared to check them in. These separate waiting areas are grouped into smaller pods adjacent to the practices where patients can easily walk to see their doctor. The pods of seating created a more distinct area for the practices and allowed for semi-private seating. The pods create a separate identity area for the practices.

A wide pedestrian path of simulated wood floor tiles cuts through the heart of the lobby. Immediately across from the circular check-in desk is a coffee break area surrounded on three sides by half-walls. This small, defined space encourages conversations and works well for small impromptu meetings.