Your Vision Is Our Mission

We are WDM Architects. We are passionate about collaborative design.

Founded in 1980, WDM Architects P.A. is a multidisciplinary firm with one goal: bringing your vision to life. WDM Architects is headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, and licensed throughout the U.S.

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Who We Are

We are forward-thinking architects, interior designers and landscape architects—professionals who represent an astonishing array of skills, disciplines, deep experience and interesting personalities. We think you’ll like our style. We aren’t lukewarm about anything.

Intense listeners. Inquisitive thinkers. True collaborators. That’s WDM.

What Drives Us


We are inspired designers offering our clients innovative, sustainable design through exceptional service.


  • We provide good design and are good designers.
  • We offer exceptional service and integrity.
  • We are a well-managed and desirable workplace.


We provide client-centered solutions that help them realize their vision.

Stewardship & Sustainability

For WDM, stewardship means being proactive in our everyday lives to ensure the well-being of people and wildlife on our planet. We strive to be good stewards by practicing environmental conservation, sustainable design practices, and community involvement.

This is what grounds us. This is what inspires us.

Sustainable Design Practices

Green architecture isn’t the future. It is now. WDM encourages all clients to embrace sustainability and has on-staff professionals capable of supporting these goals.

As designers of habitats for animals and humans, we’ve made it our practice to design with the planet’s future in mind. These practices include:


We embrace proactive measures to conserve limited resources. Even a small action can produce significant results over time.


WDM’s Impact of Recycling Paper for a Decade 2011–2021

  • 90 Trees Saved
  • 33,880 Pounds of Paper Recycled
  • 9,053 Hours of Electricity Saved
  • 857 Gallons of Oil Saved
  • 27,125 Gallons of Water Saved
About Our Architecture Firm WDM Architects Wichita KS 3

Shaping Our Community

WDM supports our community’s needs through social, charitable and educational works. We proudly support: