Zoo Facilities

Denver Zoo Animal Hospital

Zoo Hospital Features

  • Large surgery suite with features found in the latest human hospitals: highly filtered laminar airflow, space pressurization controls, modern medical gas systems
  • Guest Pavilion with elevated platform provides views onto the surgery and adjacent treatment rooms for the public to experience first-hand the zoo’s world-class care of their animals
  • Multiple smaller treatment rooms
  • CT scanner
  • Pharmacy
  • Diagnostic/research laboratory
  • ICU zones
  • Quarantine zones
  • Holding areas for animals ranging from large hoof stock to small humidity-controlled amphibian environments
  • Exhaust fans vent animal spaces with 100% outside air most of the year, maintaining the required 10 air changes per hour required by the AZA
  • Staff offices

Award-Winning Project

  • Denver Zoo Animal Hospital
    LEED Gold


  • Denver Zoo Animal Hospital
    Significant Achievement in AZA Facilities

    Association of Zoos and Aquariums