Update Your Commercial Interiors

February 21, 2018


The modern workplace is evolving continuously. One can identify this in the way employees are using office spaces and how interior designers are opting to craft such areas. As a result, adaptations and refinements in commercial interior design are necessary. Below are several changes we are noting in the industry.


Technological Influences

Without a doubt, technology is changing the way most offices are operating. For that reason, it is not possible to separate the work environment from technology. The expectation is that the design of commercial spaces will evolve in line with building automation.

Even commercial design for older, historic buildings continues to evolve and incorporate elements of newer technologies. The design needs to balance and uphold the best of both eras. The vintage or historical appeal tells stories and exemplifies the unique personal character and experiences of yesterday. However, the space must also be adaptive to the developing technology to be sustainable, improve efficiency, and even bring new life to a building or site.


Changes to “Traditional” Work Spaces

Today, many companies allow employees to work from remote locations. Office spaces are set up to be a part of a collaborative environment, so people can work individually or together as a group, and still incorporate feedback with a remote worker. Personal cubicles and desks are still used, but building managers should plan space for shared areas for team efforts.


Accentuate with Bold Colors

Though neutral tones are less brilliant, they are part of most interior design works, often providing a sense of trust and humility. However, bold colors are becoming part of the commercial interior design more. Neutral shades are now forming backgrounds. Adding bold colors brings life to interiors. If done well, the combination of bold and neutral colors can alter and improve the perception of the area and represented company.

Commercial interior design continues to evolve with the changing needs of the people and business. Some elements enhance the aesthetic quality of office spaces, while others are implemented for functionality. For more details on commercial interior design elements to incorporate, contact us today!