The Evolving Workplace - Office Space Planning

March 17, 2016


Stark offices filled with cubicles and tired faces are a thing of the past. Employers and businesses that want to retain talent and maintain relationships with clients need to utilize their office space as a direct demonstration of where they’re headed. And even more than branding, a bright and colorful workspace also promotes a happy and productive workforce. If that doesn’t sound like your workplace, office space planning and design is the perfect avenue to bring these changes to life.


The Fledgling Workforce

The new wave looks at work a little differently than generations of the past. Values change from one to another. In fact, younger generations find the “work experience” more important than building a long-term relationship with a company. The rising popularity of open, collaborative workspaces is a must to attract fresh talent. An office refresh is a great chance to explore these contemporary ideals.

Here are a few quick work-space ideas that are important to this generation:



Technology – this one is extremely important, and it’s rapidly changing. Thankfully, your business doesn’t have to worry about what everyone wants; they fully support BYOD (that’s Bring Your Own Device). A BYOD policy allows them to bring multiple devices to work – devices they’re already familiar with – making them more efficient.



Community and Collaboration – they strive for both much more than competition. And despite their reputation, they crave face-to-face interaction. New spaces should accommodate this friendly, realistic mindset.



Non-Work-Related Perks – yes, we are talking about coffee bars, light recreational spaces, and after-hours hangouts. But we’re also talking about employers helping with work-life balance, which is especially important to this generation. That can include offering bike racks, health and fitness centers/classes and daycare facilities too.



Environmental Control – this generation isn’t down with cubes. As mentioned before, they crave face-to-face collaboration. Office design is embracing this value with flexible work spaces and the freedom to determine how and where employees complete tasks.


Many of these ideas appeal to the emerging, college-minded workforce. But these ideas and design philosophies can be appreciated by all, especially current staff. Great architecture can bring drastic changes to the overall feel of your business. A new environment always gets creativity flowing, and a creative workspace means productive and happy people. And that’s what business is all about, right?