Academic Architecture

Jost Hall at Tabor College

About the Project

Jost Hall is the latest addition to Tabor College’s campus by WDM Architects. What makes this brand-new, 86-bed dormitory truly exceptional is its focus on providing enhanced security and privacy for student residents while avoiding any sense of isolation.

The dormitory’s design is aimed at fostering a close-knit, family-like atmosphere. Each floor is divided into two units, accommodating 12-18 students in each. The advanced security system grants access via key card only to students who reside in a particular unit. This added layer of security guarantees that only authorized individuals can enter, enhancing both privacy and safety within the dormitory.

Another design feature to improve the student experience is the restroom design. Unlike typical dorm restrooms with multiple shower and toilet stalls in a shared large room, Jost Hall has multiple toilet and shower rooms in the center of each student unit. These private spaces are secured with locked doors, allowing students to have a sense of personal space.

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