Community Architecture

Inspiration Field

About the Project

WDM was hired to create a community center for adults and children with physical and intellectual disabilities. Inspiration Field was designed with large windows and beautiful architectural details to become the centerpiece of La Junta. The facility’s appeal has made it a popular event venue and a source of pride for its clients and the entire community.

This facility houses:

  • Administrative offices
  • Community gathering spaces
  • Dining
  • Classrooms and training facilities
  • Medical exam rooms

Training and gathering spaces offer extensive natural lighting with bright colors and natural finishes to create a (non-institutional) home-like, cheerful atmosphere. Materials were selected for durability and to minimize long-term maintenance requirements.

Extra-wide corridors facilitate circulation, and color schemes indicate different functions to clients. Exterior spaces flow into interior spaces to extend the feel of spaciousness. Site perimeters and plans fluidly integrate Inspiration Field into its adjoining residential community.

What Clients Say

“WDM is great at meeting schedules and deadlines and keeping the project on schedule and within budget via their creative value engineering process.”

Johnnie DeLeon

CEO, Inspiration Field