Church Architecture

Hope Community Church Worship Barn

About the Project

After years of squeezing more chairs into the existing worship space (known as the “Big Room”) and adding services, Hope Community Church made the decision to pursue a larger worship space. A primary concern was losing the approachable feel of the simple and modest Big Room.

The church desired a building to be an expression of who and what they strived to be:

  • Relevant and authentic
  • A place welcoming to everyone.
  • A base from which to serve the community

The idea of a “barn” became a natural fit:

  • It has a traditional and timeless presence—a retreat or shelter from the pace of daily life.
  • The building is both earthy and elegant with a simple beauty—a little bit rough and worn, displaying a humble reverence that shines gracefully.
  • Large windows open a clear view into the barn both day and night—a deliberately welcoming gesture to all.
  • Cupolas on the roof shine with a warm glow as a symbol of hope in a fractured world.

Traditional post and beam timber frame construction was chosen for the facility. Mortises and tenons are cut into the beams and secured together with hardwood pegs. These pegs became an inspiration for a unique cross as a focal point for worship.

What Clients Say

“WDM was professional, accommodating, creative, and resourceful. We loved working with them to design our unique, one-of-a-kind, timber frame barn!”

Nick Martineau

Hope Community Church