Zoo Habitat Design

Cameron Park Zoo Brazos River Country

About the Project

Located in Waco, Texas, this exhibit at the Cameron Park Zoo explores the seven distinct biomes along the Brazos River Basin. More than 100 species and 600 specimens are represented as guests explore the river.

Highlights include:

  • A 40,000-gallon saltwater tank with a 30’ long unobstructed view of the “Gulf Reef”
  • The “Gulf Islands” free flight aviary for shore birds
  • Alligators and cougars in the east Texas forest
  • The Cross Timbers region with black bears, otters, jaguars and ocelot
  • A nocturnal exhibit on the “Plateau”
  • Bison and prairie dogs on the “High Plains”

You begin your journey in the hull of a Spanish ship that once brought explorers to this country, looking for the Seven Cities of Gold. Inside, a 50,000-gallon saltwater tank holds a variety of marine life from the Gulf Reef. A boardwalk carries you out of the ship and onto the Gulf Islands’ free-flight aviary for shore birds. Alligators can be seen from a trapper’s shack before guests move into the Piney Woods region, where cougars lounge and black bears forage on a hillside. You can pull up a rocking chair to watch the river otters while the kids climb into a ranger’s station and slide through the exhibit pool in an acrylic tube.

Once you’re rested and the kids have burned a little energy, continue on to the Cross Timbers region to find coyotes and once-native jaguars and ocelots. Don’t forget the nocturnal barn on the Plateau before you move on to the High Plains. Here, bison roam and prairie dogs scurry while you read up on Native American teepees.