Steve Hofhine

Zoological Designer

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About Steve

Steve is a true nature enthusiast, intertwining his life and work with its beauty and wonder. From his earliest days, he has loved wildlife and untamed landscapes. His ultimate mission is to forge profound and unforgettable connections between people and the natural world through his designs. Steve’s creativity and passion foster big, bold ideas that inspire, educate, and entertain visitors, both young and old, who venture into the realms of the zoo.


“My passion is connecting people with nature.”


  • Master’s in Landscape Architecture, University of Idaho



Fun Facts:

  • Started building zoos with stuffed toys in his parents’ backyard as a child

  • He is an avid birder and has seen more than 500 bird species in his life

  • Has been to over 100 zoos and aquariums throughout the United States and Canada

  • Tree kangaroos are the coolest animal on Earth