Ralph Flanagin

Architectural Designer

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About Ralph

Ralph considers himself a craftsman above all else. So it’s no surprise that his primary responsibilities are to coordinate with engineers and develop high-quality construction documents. He believes in the importance of his work and that even a great design is meaningless without a good set of construction documents. His favorite parts of the job? The creation of wall sections and investigating existing facilities that are being remodeled. He finds it interesting to see how things were done back in the day.

“Nothing makes for a great project like well-done drawings and great craft and care in putting the building together.”


  • Bachelor of Architecture, Kansas State University



Fun Facts:

  • Ralph was raised in northwest Kansas in a small rural community and enjoys being out in the open country, away from all the hubbub of the city.

  • His favorite way to spend downtime is woodworking, and, as you might suspect, he appreciates great craftsmanship.

  • His duties at WDM include taking care of our recycling program.