Joe Perez

Architectural Designer

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About Joe

During a career spanning 30+ years, Joe has tackled projects as varied as healthcare facilities, public schools, fire stations and now zoo exhibits. Joe finds his design inspiration in music, friends and the world around us. He likes digging deep into the details of a job and can be “semi-OCD,” as he describes it. We call it quietly efficient and a tremendous asset to keeping projects moving on schedule and on budget.

“Improvise, adapt and overcome.” – The unofficial motto of the Marine Corps


  • Bachelor of Architecture, University of Kansas

Fun Facts:

  • He considered a career in the military but went into architecture because he thought he knew what it entailed after taking a high school drafting class.

  • Participating in a Bachelor Auction led to eventually serving on the committee for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

  • When not at work, Joe can be found eating Crumbl cookies while playing video games with his two Goddaughters and his grandkids.