Jason Harlan

Architectural Designer

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About Jason

Meet Jason, an architectural visualizer at WDM who has turned his childhood love for Legos and Tinker-Toys into a captivating career. With a keen eye for detail and a creative spirit, Jason brings projects to life using the power of Revit. But what truly ignites his spirit is using Lumion to render schematic designs into mesmerizing 3D fly-through movies.

Imagine stepping into a movie where you can explore a project from every angle, witnessing its potential come alive before your eyes. Jason’s expertise in modeling and animation enables him to create realistic renderings that effortlessly immerse you in the envisioned space. It’s an experience that transcends traditional presentations and makes a lasting impression with the power to secure new opportunities and garner support for your projects. Clients and stakeholders get a tangible glimpse into the future, sparking excitement and confidence in the possibilities that lie ahead.

Experience Jason’s craftsmanship in action and unlock the boundless potential of your next project.


“Great design is developing a building / form / solution that functions, but looks good too. I love designs that are creative and innovative—something that someone has not seen before.”


  • Veteran, U.S. Military; Attended Washington University at St. Louis



Fun Facts:

  • Most of Jason’s time is spent with his kids—going to their school activities, going to the park or just playing games

  • Enjoys talking about cars and working on them

  • Likes being outside and going on road trips to just get away