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Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Rosebrough Tiger Passage

About the Project

The Rosebrough Tiger Passage exhibit boasts plenty of room for the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s tigers to roam. Four outdoor enclosures encourage tigers to explore more than 15,000 square feet of natural habitat area connected by overhead trails. A series of fallen trees let animals climb high into the tree canopy, passing over the heads of visitors as they cross from one habitat to another.
Features of the habitats include climbing poles, native grass meadows, rock outcrops, tree climbing structures, shallow rocky streams and deep soaking pools.
The climate of northern Ohio is similar to the native habitat of Amur tigers which will be housed in the exhibit. This endangered subspecies is estimated to have fewer than 500 remaining in the wild.

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WDM collaborated with Van Auken Akins Architects LLC out of Cleveland to design this project.

“WDM did a great job listening to not just me as the executive director, but also to the design team on my side: the animal care staff, the facilities staff, and really incorporating all those ideas.”

Christopher Kuhar, Ph.D.

Executive Director of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

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