Zoo Habitat Design

Cameron Park Zoo Asian Forest

About the Project

A wooden boardwalk takes guests through a forested landscape to temple ruins. Tree roots and branches grow up and around the temple walls. The roar of a waterfall fills the air. Welcome to Cameron Park Zoo’s Asian Forest.

As guests continue to explore the ruins, they come to the temple altar. Investigating further, they discover that this is the Komodo dragon’s dwelling.

Then the temple walls give way to glass viewing into the orangutan exhibit. The exhibit yard has a “donut hole,” which encloses large existing site trees allowing the orangutan to feel as though they’re in a forest canopy. With high ceilings and skylights, the orangutan bedrooms are laid out in a semicircular arrangement to facilitate direct sight lines into each one from windows in the keeper area.

Southeast Asian-inspired interactives inspire children and adults to learn about orangutans and the threats they face in the wild.