Zoo Master Plans

Bays Mountain Nature Preserve & Planetarium Master Plan

About the Project

In our experience working with zoos and nature centers, we have helped developed interpretive concepts and graphics to educate guests about the natural environment. We believe that creating a better understanding of the ecosystem leads to greater appreciation and conservation-minded actions. These concepts for Bays Mountain Park in Kingsport, Tennessee, show connections between native flora and fauna species found in the area.

Visitors can explore seven distinct zones:

Life in the Forest

1.Visitor Center
2. Gathering Space

Life on the Ground

3. Reptile Viewing Gallery
4. White-Tailed Deer Exhibit
5. Gray Wolf Exhibit

Life in the Water

6. River Otter Exhibit
7. Amphibian Viewing Gallery
8. Aquatic Turtle Exhibit
9. Water Play Area

Life on the Hunt

10. Gray Wolf Trail
11. Gray Wolf
12. Snake Viewing Gallery
13. Red Fox
14. Bear Play Area
15. Gray Wolf Presentation Area

Life in the Trees

16. Bobcat Exhibit
17. Small Animal Trail
18. Play Trail
19. Raccoon Exhibit
20. Gray Fox Exhibit

Life in the Skies

21. Songbird Aviary
22. Raptor Aviary
23. Bird Play Area
24. Wild Bird Viewing Deck
25. Raptor Presentation Area

Life in the Leaf-litter

26. Botanical Exhibits
27. Honeybee Exhibit
28. Botanical Play area


29. Veterinary Clinic/Food Prep.
30. Restrooms
31. Classroom