Isaak Estrada

Architectural Designer

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About Isaak

Isaak’s meticulous attention to detail and fascination with how materials and equipment come together ensures that his work is always precise and top-notch.

He says, “A great project is an evolving set of challenges and solutions that result in the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.”

When he’s not busy drafting here at WDM, Isaak finds inspiration in the simple joys of life. You’ll often find him strolling and jogging with his furry friend, appreciating the importance of pedestrian design in roadways, parks and cities.

With his unwavering pursuit of excellence, he guarantees that every project he undertakes will exceed expectations and leave a smile on everyone’s face.


“Indecision is worse than a wrong decision.”


  • Associate of Architectural Drafting, St. Cloud Technical Community College

Fun Facts:

  • As a kid, he was always determined to make his Lego spaceships perfectly symmetrical.

  • He finds inspiration in historical buildings and aspires to create spaces that embody their timeless beauty through meticulous attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship.

  • He has been skydiving and to The Louvre Museum, but not at the same time.