Steven Hofhine

Steve is passionate about...Connecting people with nature.


Master’s in Landscape Architecture, University of Idaho

Landscape Designer, Zoological Designer

Steve literally lives, breathes and works nature. As our newest addition to the landscape team, Steve’s creativity and passion foster big, bold ideas and satisfied clients. Bridging the gap between the built and natural worlds is his biggest goal. Over the years, Steve has watched the focus of zoos shift from entertainment and amusement to conservation and creating an experience that brings animals and humans together.

Facts About Steve:

  • I’m an avid birder and have seen almost 500 bird species in my life.
  • I’m a father of five, so most of my free-time is spent exploring with my kids.
  • Tree kangaroos are the coolest animal on Earth.
  • My passion for the natural world began by building zoos in my parents’ backyard as a child.