David Stauth, AIA

David is passionate about…Art. He finds art in everything and tries to make sculptural elements in all of his projects.



Bachelor of Architecture, Kansas State University

Project Architect

David finds pride in creating immersive, interactive architecture for the public to enjoy. He specializes in construction drawings and consultant coordination. As a project architect, David loves experiencing the freedom to explore design styles and finds that transforming a project from a loose sketch into the final project is an amazing achievement.


Facts about David

  • I learned to scuba dive at age six and learned to fly ultra-lights at age 18.
  • I have accidentally “sunk” three boats and “wrecked” two motorbikes.
  • I love to travel. I have been to 30 US states, 23 countries and three continents.
  • I started designing buildings for fun when I was five years old, using old blue prints my dad gave me as guides.
  • There’s a mountain in California named for my mother’s side of the family, where an early settler & ancestor was eaten by a grizzly bear. This ancestor was a distant relation to famed frontiersman, Davy Crockett. Unfortunately, unlike Crockett, he couldn’t stop a charging bear by grinning.

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