Jason Harlan

"Great design is developing a building / form / solution that functions, but looks good too. I love designs that are creative and innovative – something that someone has not seen before."



Veteran, US Military; Attended Washington University at St. Louis

Architectural Design Staff

From a young age, Jason was always building something with Legos or Tinker-Toys. Today, he applies that passion to his work at WDM. Jason excels at creating construction drawings in Revit, but his favorite part of the job is taking schematic designs and rendering them in Lumion, so that people can experience a project in a 3D fly-through movie. He loves that this kind of modeling and animation can help win a proposal for a new job or client or garner support for a community project.


Facts about Jason

  • I like spending time with my kids – going to their school activities, going to the park or just playing games– most of my time is taken by my kids.
  • I enjoy talking about cars and working on them.
  • I like going on road trips to just get away.
  • I like being outside and doing something.