For WDM, stewardship means being proactive in our everyday lives to ensure the well-being of people and wildlife on our planet. We strive to be good stewards by practicing environmental conservation, sustainable design practices, and community involvement.
This is what grounds us. This is what inspires us.


We can't help it. It's encoded in our DNA. As designers of habitats for both animals and humans, we've made it our practice to design with the planet's future in mind. We like to say, "Sustainable design practices equal good business practices." It's that simple. Here's how:
  • We Use Borrowed Landscaping Techniques to Enhance Design
  • WDM Only Prints on Recycled Paper
  • WDM Uses Rainwater Harvesting to Irrigate Landscapes
  • Rammed Earth is a Technique Used to Build Walls Using Raw Materials
  • Rammed Earth is Becoming More Popular as a Sustainable Option
Borrowed landscape can save a budget

Borrowed landscape can save a budget

Posted December 11, 2013

Importing natural vegetation often isn’t ...

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As architects of space and structure, we seek to design places that coexist naturally with the surrounding environment. This is apparent not only in our work as exhibit designers for zoos, but also in other practices areas as well. Even in our everyday lives, we embrace proactive measures to recycle and conserve our limited resources. Here's how:
WDM Architects Conservation
The History of WDM Architects

The History of WDM Architects

Posted December 13, 2013

We started our practice 35 years ago with a goal to do ...

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  • LEED Stands For Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design
  • U.S Green Building Council (USGBC) Changes the Ways Communities are Built
  • WDM Has LEED Accredited Architects & LEED Certified Buildings
  • Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy (WRAPS) Protects Natural Resources
  • WDM Uses Daylight Harvesting
  • WDM Recycled 3,000 pounds last year

Community Involvement

WDM Architects strives to support our staff and how they can positively shape our community, either as an individual, or through our firm. Much like our focus on environmental stewardship in our design solutions, we strive to support our community’s needs through social, charitable and educational works. We’ve been dedicated to our community for over 30 years and hope our example inspires others to give whatever they can back to the places we call home and the people we call neighbors.

We Proudly Support:

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  • Kansas Humane SocietyKansas Humane Society
  • Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick CountyChild Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County
  • Big Brothers Big SistersBig Brothers Big Sisters
  • Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity
  • Association of Zoos and AquariumsAssociation of Zoos and Aquariums
  • Wildlife Conservation SocietyWildlife Conservation Society
  • Assistance LeagueAssistance League
  • Child StartChild Start
  • Rainbows UnitedRainbows United
  • United WayUnited Way
  • American Heart AssociationAmerican Heart Association
  • BarkitectureBarkitecture
  • American Red CrossAmerican Red Cross
  • World ImpactWorld Impact
  • YouthvilleYouthville
WDM Architects | Earth Day 2014
WDM Architects | Earth Day 2014