Wiedemann Hall
Wichita State University

Wiedemann Hall is a venue for all genres of music, but is most noted for the custom-built pipe organ by Denmark’s Marcussen and Son. Wiedemann Hall and the pipe organ is houses were built in 1986, and by 2013 were in need of improvements including new carpeting, more comfortable seating, and accommodations for patrons with disabilities. Considerations were made to maintain the acoustic quality of the auditorium, and great care was taken to protect the iconic pipe organ during the renovations. The new upholstered seats, which are wider and more comfortable, are of similar padding thickness and fabric type as to not impact the acoustic absorption. The new wheelchair seating platforms at the back of the auditorium include hand-crafted wood modesty rails, which have perforated panels to prevent unwanted acoustic reflections. The total number of seats is 401 including space for up to 6 wheelchairs. The new carpet in the aisles and wheelchair platforms coordinates with the upholstery and provides more durability. This project was completed during the 2012 – 2014 on-call contract.

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