Designing a place of worship that fully embodies a congregation’s faith in the physical form of architecture is a passion project for WDM.

Why We Specialize In Faith

WDM understands that a church consists of its people, making the collaboration between architects and the congregation crucial in producing a design that realizes their mission. Of all our projects, we often find Faith to be the one most conducive to collaboration. The structure that houses the congregation and their faith is the visible reflection of their ministry. Collaboration is a way to keep a presence in the community and to advance the goals of a church’s mission. The ability to serve people in a secure atmosphere by way of design has always been a passion of WDM. We want to establish a relationship with your congregation to find a creative solution that reflects your ministry in the best light possible.

Why Choose Us:

  • Experience: Almost 30 years of Faith design projects
  • Collaboration: Works with clients to achieve objectives
  • Relationships: Long-standing relationships with clients
  • Expression: Promotes church’s ministry

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