Banking Architecture

By visually expressing the excellence of an organization in its outward design, a building’s exteriors can mirror the quality of the professional banking service found behind its front door.

Why We Specialize In Banking Architecture

Quality, Identity and Service make a difference. Taken together they define the brand of a professional service. However, these intangibles can sometimes be difficult to express. WDM has made a career of taking these elements and making them more visible through design. Our goal is to envision a brand and translate it into an architectural form. This also applies to interiors. Is the lobby warm and inviting? Is it more high-tech or “high touch”? These simple questions have a huge impact on the decision-making process when it comes to successful architectural design. Collaborate with us and see how we can express your unique image to the public by way of innovative design.

Why Choose Us:

  • Experience: 30+ years of financial design
  • Collaboration: Works with clients to achieve objectives
  • Expression: Defines client’s brand and makes it visible
  • Detail: Considers all aspects of the design process

Browse Banking Architecture Projects

Fidelity Bank
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Fidelity Bank </br> Headquarters Remodel
Fidelity Bank Headquarters
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Chisholm Trail State Bank
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Meritrust Credit Union
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Farmers National Bank
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First Legend Bank and Trust
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Fidelity Bank Branding Design
New Market Square
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Andover State Bank
Nall Valley
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Nall Valley <br/> Capitol Federal