Academic Architecture

Using artistry, precision and teamwork,
WDM creates successful architecture designs that are both functional and beautiful.

Why We Specialize In Academic Architecture

Architecture is both art form and analytical precision. For more than 30 years, WDM has balanced both sides of the process to tackle a wide range of projects spanning the entire country. Our talented architects choose projects that promote stewardship of the environment, animal conservation and sustainable building practices. We specialize in zoological, historical, healthcare, faith, interiors, senior, financial, landscape and community design. Our long-standing relationships with clients are built on collaboration to find creative solutions to complex problems.

Why Choose Us:

  • Experience: 30+ years of architectural design
  • Collaboration: Works with clients to achieve objectives
  • Specialized: Portfolio of diverse architecture projects
  • Qualified: Highly specialized teams
  • Trustworthy: Long-standing relationships with clients

Browse Academic Architecture Projects

Wiedemann Hall
Wichita State UniversitySee More
Wiedemann Hall </br> Wichita State University
NIAR Virtual Engineering Lab
Wichita State UniversitySee More
NIAR Virtual Engineering Lab </br> Wichita State University
Experiential Engineering BuildingSee More
Experiential Engineering Building
East High SchoolSee More
East High School
Richardson Auditorium
Southwestern CollegeSee More
Richardson Auditorium <br/> Southwestern College
Rainbows UnitedSee More
Rainbows United