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Public Libraries’ Relevancy in the Modern World

Although Benjamin Franklin is best known for inventions such as the lightning rod, the Franklin stove, and bifocals, he was also the mastermind behind what would become the free public library. Founded in 1731, the Library Company of Philadelphia made expensive books more easily accessible. ... READ MORE

A New Home for Old Memories

Gradually hypnotized by festive tones pumping from the organ, I can taste butter and salt on my lips. The air is riddled with giggles and laughs as my kids yell ‘please daddy just one more ride!’ and the cares of the world are forgotten if only for a moment as this magnificent herd delightfully ... READ MORE

Here’s to 100 years…

To celebrate its 100th birthday last Saturday, Fidelity Bank opened the doors to Carnegie Library for a public open house. Whether you’re a person or a building, celebrating 100 is a really big deal. It’s even more special when the one being revered is an icon of your community.     ... READ MORE

K-State Architectural Student Visit

On November 6th, WDM Architects was pleased to host area high school students interested in learning about a career in the architecture and design field. Tim de Noble, Dean of the College of Architecture Planning and Design at Kansas State University, Susan Lannou, Director of Student ... READ MORE

Going Grey for 96 Elephants

WDM Architects went “grey” for World Elephant Day & 96 Elephants on August 12th. This is a global awareness campaign that helps 96 Elephants Organization organize support to urge legislators around the world to ban ivory sales and help protect these magnificent animals. You can ... READ MORE

In The News – Kearney Regional Medical Center

More Care. Less Cost. Kearney Regional Medical Center Says by Being Efficient, Physician Driven, Costs for Care Will Decrease KEARNEY — Kearney Regional Medical Center aims to be more efficient, less expensive and more physician driven, and that should translate into lower-cost medical care, ... READ MORE

The History of WDM Architects

We started our practice 35 years ago with a goal to do more in the way of personal service and collaboration with local design clients. Now, our reach has expanded beyond the region to tackle larger issues that affect society as a whole: stewardship of the environment, conservation of wildlife, ... READ MORE

Design on the Wild Side

“Did you say you are a zoo architect? That’s cool!” I get that a lot after an introduction. And inevitably, that person will ask if it is “fun.” It is. But there’s much more that goes into the thinking, planning and design of zoos than most people think. The biggest misconception regarding zoo ... READ MORE

Borrowed landscape can save a budget

Importing natural vegetation often isn’t practical for a project. And it sure isn’t a sustainable practice either. When it comes to zoos and landscape architecture, we often use a technique called Borrowed Landscaping. Originally developed in Far East Asia, it’s a technique ... READ MORE