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Going Beyond the Plants
What a Landscape Architect Really Does

I am a landscape architect. A better name for me and my colleagues perhaps would be “Architects of the Land.” Yes, I know about plants, but I also know about irrigation systems, how to design an outdoor fountain and how to design that pergola to withstand the outdoor elements .   Landscape ... READ MORE

K-State Architectural Student Visit

On November 6th, WDM Architects was pleased to host area high school students interested in learning about a career in the architecture and design field. Tim de Noble, Dean of the College of Architecture Planning and Design at Kansas State University, Susan Lannou, Director of Student ... READ MORE

Storytelling…an Essential for Zoos

“….to provide unique experiences that connect people with nature and inspire conservation of the natural world.” If you were to look at the mission statement of the over 220 AZA accredited zoos and aquariums the above statement or some derivative of it would likely be present.  That is because ... READ MORE

Our Zoo Design Architects Conquer the Master Plan Madness

We are coming to the end of another March Madness and the best college basketball teams will be fighting it out for the championship. A lot has been made of the teamwork and chemistry of these teams, and how that comes together to create excellence. Watching these talented teams work together ... READ MORE

Ambassador Hotel wins 2014 Award of Honor from AGI

WDM Architects was recently recognized for our part on the team that converted the historic 14-story Union National Bank building in downtown Wichita into an upscale boutique hotel. Other recognized team members were Key Construction and the Ambassador Hotel Group. The team was recognized by ... READ MORE

Landscapes as Art

Landscapes are not often thought of as “Art,” but innovative design can turn natural elements into a sublime masterpiece of beauty. It can also highlight manmade art. There are many ways to accomplish this: Moving Heaven…And Earth… When you design with the earth, it goes beyond grading a site ... READ MORE

Borrowed landscape can save a budget

Importing natural vegetation often isn’t practical for a project. And it sure isn’t a sustainable practice either. When it comes to zoos and landscape architecture, we often use a technique called Borrowed Landscaping. Originally developed in Far East Asia, it’s a technique ... READ MORE