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Space Planning – What is it and Why is it Important?

  As architects and planners, our job is to create and transform spaces to tell our client’s story and promote their vision with innovative design solutions. Each client and their needs differ. The space created should symbolize the heart of the organization and afford the inhabitants both ... READ MORE

Cardboard Box Theory

Early in my zoo design career, I visited a fairly large zoo in a major mid-west metropolitan area with my wife and small children as part of our family vacation. Before we had seen half the zoo, my kids were tired, bored and cranky. All the while, I was bound and determined to see everything ... READ MORE

Collaboration and Lasting Value

  Collaboration: The process of two or more people or organizations working together to realize or achieve something successfully. We are always looking for ways to help our clients achieve the highest level of success possible in their building design projects. Sometimes this is best ... READ MORE

Coming Full Circle

I often take a walk in the middle of the day. Helps me to clear my mind, relax and refocus. I believe that getting out and away from my desk for twenty minutes or so makes me considerably more productive the rest of the day. It allows my mind to come full circle and begin […] READ MORE

Nature, Architecture, & Happiness

The best architectural spaces are those that have found an interesting way of relating to nature; whether that is purposely contrasting, abstractly imitating or gracefully merging with nature. The perception of users, consciously or unconsciously, is largely linked to a space’s relationship ... READ MORE

The Evolving Office – Open Space Architecture

Office space architecture has evolved dramatically over the decades. The norm is no longer four white walls packed with cubes and copiers. Established and contemporary employers alike have taken heed of this trend. The benefits of an architecturally appealing office space – obtaining and ... READ MORE

The Evolving Workplace – Office Space Planning

Stark offices filled with cubicles and tired faces are a thing of the past. Employers and businesses that want to retain talent and maintain relationships with clients need to utilize their office space as a direct demonstration of where they’re headed. And even more than branding, a bright and ... READ MORE

It’s a Mystery…

Here’s a story from Scott Bixler, a former WDM employee… Scott is locally known for his creative art sculptures that he puts together using found and repurposed objects. He occasionally finds old architectural oddities that clients let him have that end up in his work. He also has a ... READ MORE

Lincoln Elementary – Architectural Archaeology Series

Here’s a story from Angi Womeldorff, an interior designer here at WDM… A few months ago I went to do a site visit at Lincoln Elementary, which is being renovated into the Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County. While touring the site we came across two very unique art deco column ... READ MORE

Sundstrom Building – Architectural Archaeology

Any child who has ever seen the movie Jurassic Park usually believes for the next few months that they will be an archeologist when they grow up. Over time, dreams of being an archeologist, (or an astronaut, sports star, or race car driver) go away and other careers become reality. I was no ... READ MORE

Let the Sun Shine In!

Natural daylighting can save money, energy and improve worker productivity Sustainable practices just make sense. They’re generally safer, healthier and save money when implemented as part of an integrated design approach. So it’s no surprise we’re constantly looking to optimize the design of ... READ MORE

It’s the Isle of the Tiger, It’s the Thrill of the Site

There’s a new growl emanating from the Arizona’s Valley of the Sun. WDM Architect’s latest tiger exhibit, Isle of the Tiger, opened November 6th at the Phoenix Zoo. The exhibit is the final element of the zoo’s A World Class Zoo For A World Class City capital campaign, which added three ... READ MORE

Reflections on Senior Living Architecture

THE FUTURE WILL BE… WHAT? (Part 2 of 2) Recently, Dan Hutson, Vice President of Communications & Marketing for the be.group, posted a comment on Senior Housing Forum, “5 Disruptive Marketing Takeaways From SMASH,” October 21, 2015, which states:   “… a marketing colleague I ... READ MORE

WDM celebrates 35 events over 35 years

Sunday, marked our 35th year as a practice. Where has the time gone? When Dan Wilson and Wes Darnell began the practice on November 1, 1980, they wanted to work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients and have long-standing business relationships. That core belief is at the heart of our practice even ... READ MORE

Here’s to 100 years…

To celebrate its 100th birthday last Saturday, Fidelity Bank opened the doors to Carnegie Library for a public open house. Whether you’re a person or a building, celebrating 100 is a really big deal. It’s even more special when the one being revered is an icon of your community.     ... READ MORE

Going Beyond the Plants
What a Landscape Architect Really Does

I am a landscape architect. A better name for me and my colleagues perhaps would be “Architects of the Land.” Yes, I know about plants, but I also know about irrigation systems, how to design an outdoor fountain and how to design that pergola to withstand the outdoor elements .   Landscape ... READ MORE

Trending Now: Rammed Earth Makes Resurgence

What do the Great Wall of China, the Alhambra in Spain and Earthships in New Mexico have in common? It’s called rammed earth. It’s a construction method that, in a most basic sense, uses hard-packed dirt to create both interior elements and exterior walls of buildings. Today’s approach uses a ... READ MORE

Polar Bears Warm to New Arctic Passage

Climate change is melting polar ice, making it harder for bears to find food, forcing them to swim further from ice flow to ice flow to hunt. With less ice and more open water, seals have more places to come of up for air, and it’s becoming more difficult for the bears to continue to […] READ MORE

K-State Architectural Student Visit

On November 6th, WDM Architects was pleased to host area high school students interested in learning about a career in the architecture and design field. Tim de Noble, Dean of the College of Architecture Planning and Design at Kansas State University, Susan Lannou, Director of Student ... READ MORE

Storytelling…an Essential for Zoos

“….to provide unique experiences that connect people with nature and inspire conservation of the natural world.” If you were to look at the mission statement of the over 220 AZA accredited zoos and aquariums the above statement or some derivative of it would likely be present.  That is because ... READ MORE

Our Zoo Studio Team — WDM Architects

  Being a lone wolf is not a good thing if you are zoo architect. No, in fact, we’ve found after 25 years of consulting, our best designs happen when we work like a wolf pack, each individual bringing their own skills to benefit the overall team.  At WDM Architects, our “pack” looks to the ... READ MORE

WSU OneStop Shop

Wichita State University just unveiled their new OneStop, where students can go to connect with campus support staff about a variety of topics: Academic Advising, Financial Aid and Records & Registration. WDM’s interior design staff updated the space to create an inviting atmosphere ... READ MORE

A New Place to “Think, Make and Do” – Experiential Engineering Building on the new WSU Innovation Campus

Reading a book and sitting through hours of professorial babble can only teach a young engineer or entrepreneur so much. But, apply those book smarts to real-world problems and you’ve got something cooking. Take it a step further. Apply those real-world problems with the support of private ... READ MORE

Kansas Architecture Firm Take On The Future Of Office Design

Most people don’t think too much about their office furniture. “If it’s functional, it’s working” is often the attitude. But, office furniture manufacturers and dealers feel differently. They spend millions each year researching new ways to respond to the dynamic needs and interests of today’s ... READ MORE

Sex in the Zoo? How Zoo Architects Design Propagation Facilities

When you visit your local zoo, you will see animals in habitats that mimic their natural environment. But, what you will not see are the behind-the-scene areas created for species preservation and propagation. To sustain a species in captivity (and in some cases release species back into the ... READ MORE

WDM Architects to Design New WSU Project

Wichita State selects WDM Architects team for first Innovation Campus building Wichita State University has selected the WDM Architects team to provide architectural and engineering services for the first of five planned buildings on the  proposed new Innovation Campus. The new 160,000 square ... READ MORE

WDM Architects are Ranked in the Top 100 Healthcare Design Firms

For the eighth consecutive year, Wichita-based WDM Architects is ranked in the Top 100 design firms in Modern Healthcare’s 2013 Construction & Design Survey. The national survey, which ranks architectural firms by dollar volume of healthcare work for that calendar year, slates WDM at ... READ MORE

Healthcare Architects and the Rapid Change in MOB Design

The graying of America and the on going implementation of the Affordable Care Act has placed a giant bulls-eye on healthcare facilities. The industry is evolving …rapidly. We, as healthcare architects, must work even closer with providers to develop proactive solutions that allow them to better ... READ MORE

Our Zoo Design Architects Conquer the Master Plan Madness

We are coming to the end of another March Madness and the best college basketball teams will be fighting it out for the championship. A lot has been made of the teamwork and chemistry of these teams, and how that comes together to create excellence. Watching these talented teams work together ... READ MORE

Kearney Regional Medical Center

  WDM offers its congratulations to the KRMC Physicians, staff, development team and our consultant team who hung in there over the last 5-plus years making this a reality.  Through all the twists and turns and setbacks along the way; you stayed focused on your mission and today you can ... READ MORE

Ambassador Hotel wins 2014 Award of Honor from AGI

WDM Architects was recently recognized for our part on the team that converted the historic 14-story Union National Bank building in downtown Wichita into an upscale boutique hotel. Other recognized team members were Key Construction and the Ambassador Hotel Group. The team was recognized by ... READ MORE

Assisted Living Care Facility Expansion

PRESS RELEASE: NEW ASSISTED LIVING & MEMORY CARE RESIDENCE PLANNED FOR FORT WORTH FORT WORTH, TEXAS – Legend Senior Living today announced plans to construct a free-standing assisted living and memory care residence in Fort Worth. Legend Assisted Living & Memory Care will be located at ... READ MORE

Intrust Bank Arena Feature Article

  Published September/October Issue in Architecture Leaders Today Story by Joel Cornell Intrust Bank Arena Photos by Michael Spillers Fidelity Carnegie Library Photos by Steve Swallwell except where noted Though the firm works in many sectors all around the United States, WDM Architects ... READ MORE

Elephant-sized Architectural Design Expertise

Lions may be “Kings of the Jungle,” but when it comes to “King of the Zoos” elephants are the animals people want to see most. Big. Impressive. It’s hard not to be impressed by them. Elephants also command a lot of real estate. But, these largest of land mammals are also one of the hardest […] READ MORE