The Science Behind Interior Design

What are Interior Design and Space Planning and how are they beneficial in a commercial setting? Interior Design and Space Planning reach far beyond the color of the walls, pattern in the carpet and where the lobby chairs are located.

Imagine putting together a 1,000 piece puzzle – each tile is white with no printed picture to reference or instructions. Your task is to put the puzzle together through a vision from someone else’s head. Where would you start? Would you start from the border to frame the space? Or maybe from the center to work your way out? Would you try to find some pattern in the pieces and information you were given?

When looking to renovate or build a new space, the daunting question for any owner/developer is “Where do I start?” At WDM Architects, we have developed an interior design element table to help guide our clients through the process.  The table, used in conjunction with client interviews, provides a high level of client comfort and satisfaction.

Commercial Interior Designers work with Architects to provide the knowledge and expertise that complement and complete the overall product. We also work with commercial clients when there is no need for an Architect.

We are in an era where historic buildings are prime real-estate for new office spaces, loft apartments and hotels. With architecture already in place, designers offer great insight into possibilities for unique spaces. Upcycling is currently one of the prominent trends in the world of Commercial Interior Design.

When we look at a design, we want to know what type of space it will be, what style the owner/developer envisions and how the space needs to function as a whole. How can we take a dysfunctional space and make it functional for the new age office that is enticing to younger talent? How can we incorporate private spaces mixed within an open office space, collaboration space and break areas?

There are many elements of design that we have to explore and mold together for the space to form both aesthetically and functionally. If we are designing an office space, we focus on adjacencies, work flow, future head count and culture. For loft apartments or a hotel, we focus on the overall layout and flow of the building, wellness, soft spaces, trends and branding. Companies that strive to attract and retain new, perhaps, younger talent, we move the focus to trends, culture, branding, employee engagement, wellness and mobile working environments.

The journey of building a puzzle or creating a functional and pleasing space for the occupants is not just colors on the walls and cool carpet. Interior Design is a science and the element table helps guide us to a successful project. Our mission is to take that plain white puzzle and bring the clients dream and vision to life.