Collaboration with Color

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

Collaboration has always been at the heart of WDM. Any great business thrives when utilizing the abundance of strengths brought to the team by each member. Our most recent effort to boost our team’s creativity, enthusiasm and efficiency is called “Collaboration with Color”.

Collaboration with Color – the act of coloring a big adult color sheet with your co-workers. That’s right, we’re encouraging our team to spend five minutes of their day filling in white spaces formed by black outlines with colorful markers of their choosing.

Here’s why.

You probably never thought a fun, youthful skill you learned in preschool would end up being an essential part of your work day. But, it’s been proven that coloring, even as an adult, can be beneficial in many ways.


Coloring exercises parts of the brain that enhance focus and concentration which, in turn, improves problem solving and organizational skills. Employees tend to become bored and unfocused working long periods of time without a break. It helps your brain relax during a long day on the job and stimulates creativity and passion.


Most of us sit behind our computer screens all day, which is a fast track to  burn-out. We are encouraging our employees to step away from their desks not only for the benefit of the company, but also for the health of the employee. Taking a break at work – even a short five-minute break, helps refresh your attention span, sustains concentration and encourages movement.


Our team members possess strengths in so many different areas, (as any successful team does), that sometimes it’s hard to find a project or activity we can all work on together. Collaboration with Color gives us a chance to work with people we wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to work with. We can even spark up a conversation at the color sheet with someone who works in other facets of the business.

Collaboration with Color has yielded a multitude of benefits to our team at WDM. Aside from the benefits previously mentioned – boosting productivity, improving health and promoting teamwork – it’s a way for our employees to enjoy collaborating in a fun and out-of-the-box way.