Meet Our New Lead Interior Designer

We are happy to welcome Interior designer, Lisa Schroeder, back to WDM after being away for several years. Many of you may be familiar with her work on projects such as the Andover Public Library, Wichita Area Technical College South Campus, Derby Public Works and First Mennonite Brethren Church.

Lisa returns with the increased wisdom of motherhood, the various skills developed from working as a free-lance designer and the extensive experience of all facets of workplace design. Lisa gained much of this knowledge from her experience planning over five-hundred thousand square feet of office space for Koch Industry companies, large and small.

Lisa’s passion for workplace design is evident. She continually reminds us that creating a great work environment is much more than paint colors, carpet tile and upholstery. A great work environment is about connecting the dots between employee wellness, comfort and productivity. By making offices visually interesting and functionally efficient, while promoting health and wellness, everyone wins – employer and employee alike.

Lisa has already started a two-a-day walking trend at the office, which encourages employees to leave their desk for a few minutes, stretch their muscles and refresh their brain while they walk laps around the office. Lighting improvements to minimize eye strain, air flow and air temperature control for comfort, natural light, adjustable seating and adjustable work height stations are a few examples of elements that should be evaluated with equal importance to the overall layout and look of a space.

“I like that Lisa always pushes us all to do better in the workplace and in terms of our personal wellness. She is a great addition to our team and we are excited to see Lisa’s expertise contribute the overall aptitude of our firm,” said Principal, Stan Landwehr, AIA.

With the creativity, experience and passion Lisa has brought in her return to WDM as our Lead Interior Designer, she is exactly the type of leader every office needs. We are looking forward to a more productive and healthy 2017 and beyond. Lisa’s spirited personality, smiling face and design talent has already made a great impact at WDM – chances are, she can make a difference for you and your staff as well.

Welcome back, Lisa!